What Does a CTC/CIE Deposit to My Bank Account Come From?

September 19th, 2017

CTC/CIE is one of the more unusual acronyms you’ll come across when it comes to identifying the source of various deposits and withdrawals in your Canadian bank account.

CTC/CIE stands for the Child Tax Credit, which is a federal program for families with children under the age of 18. (This used to be called the “Baby Bonus” back your mom’s day…)

You’ll likely see the CTC/CIE deposit monthly. Now you know! And if, like the rest of us you’re wondering what the Canada PRO payment is, we’ve got info about that too.


Fairmount Park and Bowmore Field Closed Until December 2017

September 17th, 2017

Fairmount Park neighbours will be interested to know that the resodding undertaken at Fairmount Park in early September 2017 requires 12 weeks to settle before locals can begin using the park. The busy park is located at Upper Gerrard street adjacent to Bowmore Public School just east of Coxwell avenue.

Fairmount Park Community Centre sign with the centre in teh background

This means, the fences erected around the park adjacent to Bowmore School will be up until early December, according to the timeline shared by the admin at Bowmore Public School.

The outdoor landscaping project also involved removing an extraneous baseball diamond (it was located too close to an adjacent baseball diamond, so two games could never be played at the same time, which renders the second diamond meaningless) and replacing old fencing.

The field at Fairmount Park is popular with dog walkers, local families and baseball teams. Everyone is looking forward to playing on the new leveled field – which should be open in time to accommodate the free local outdoor skating rink, maintained by local families.

Telus Shares Great Videos About Online Safety for Kids

September 16th, 2017

A series of online safety videos for kids and teens shared by Telus starring the kids from Degrassi Next Generation are a helpful tool for parents trying to navigate a trickyy online world with their children.

The video series covers topics like cyber bullying, sexting and identity theft – and does so in depth, with more than one video on each topic.

Parents are encouraged to keep an open channel of communication with their kids, and to just simply pay attention. This is something police recommend too. A recent Toronto Star article about human trafficking (which is a terrible problem in the greater GTA than most parents may know) quoted police officers as saying that busy parents feel that teenagers are old enough to navigate relationships themselves – when in fact, a watchful eye and a closer monitoring of who your teens hang out with and talk to can help prevent them from getting entangled with dangerous people. It sounds simple and obvious, but if you’re a parent, you likely understand the tendency to back off from your teen’s social life. Police aren’t recommending hovering or helicoptering – but they do recommend knowing who your kids know and who they talk to. This simple act could keep them safe.


Buca Osteria at King and Portland in Toronto is Wonderful

September 16th, 2017

Buca Osteria is a must-visit Toronto restaurant for people who love authentic Italian food. The large, open concept dining room with exposed brick walls is trendy and inviting and the hot spot is also a magnet for visiting celebrities.

With a group of friends, I tried the special chefs menu that Buca had prepared for us.

Dishes included deep fried olives stuffed with salami, homemade gnocci stuffed with pesto, crusted and pan fried. Branzino fish that melted in your mouth. A grilled prime rib Fred Flintstone would be happy to bite into. Homemade pizza with fresh ricotta and basil leaves. I could go on.

This is the kind of place where you can taste the fresh tomatoes, the garlic and the lemon on your tongue. It’s the kind of cooking I try to do at home and sometimes succeed, but rarely with this kind of flair.

Buca is totally recommended.

Godspeed is Best New Microbrewery in Toronto

September 13th, 2017

Craft beer lovers are flocking to Toronto’s east end Little India neighbourhood to check out the city’s newest, coolest, micro-brewery: Godspeed.

Godspeed is a large, modern, open-concept restaurant brewery housed in a huge old retail space on Coxwell Avenue, just south of Gerrard Street east, home of Little India.

Brewmaster Luc “Bim” Lafontaine – a beer superstar in his native Quebec – can usually be seen chatting with guests and even helping a bit with table service in the resto, which features large, open seating tables. (Kind of like pic nic tables – that means if you are a party of two, you might be seated together with another party of four.)

Godspeed serves up Japanese comfort food (not sushi!) along with custom brews made onsite to a packed restaurant each night. The mushroom salad and rice balls, ordered on a recent visit, are outstanding. And the rest looks mighty fine too.

Check it out if you love craft beer and want to visit a great Toronto neighbourhood.