My Netflix Won’t Work – It Keeps Stopping

April 29th, 2014

Streaming your Netflix through a blu-ray player like we are?

Does it keep stopping, or cutting out, or locking up like ours does?

Here’s what to do:

Change your Netflix playback settings so you’re streaming less bandwidth.

Here’s how:

1. Login to your Netflix account on your computer
2. Go to your profile in the upper right hand of the home page.
3. On the dropdown menu, select “Your Account”
4. A pop up window will appear. In the “Your Profile” area – choose “Playback Settings.”

Netflix defaults to “Automatic” which means that Netflix will take note of how fast and slick your Internet stream is and will throttle the bandwith accordingly.

In our case, we have a white-lightning fast internet connection, but we’re streaming Netflix through a ho-hum Blu-Ray player – which can’t keep up and is always crapping out. We fixed that with this next step:

5. Select LOW – (Basic video quality, up to .3 GB per hour)
6. Click save, and Bob’s your Uncle.

This will *probably* slow down your internet stream enough for your crappy BluRay player to be able to follow along.

It worked for us. (Of course, it does mean you’re not getting super-crisp lovely picture quality, but it should get you through while you decide what upgrade you need to stream Netflix properly.

BTW, you can also set your preferences here to have Netflix STOP automatically playing the next episode of whatever you’re watching, so you don’t spend all day watching Orange is the New Black etc…