Drama Camp or Theatre Camp for Kids in Canada

May 12th, 2010

Summer drama camp or theatre camp is the best way to encourage your child – whether she is the next  Angelina Jolie or a quiet thespian. Check out our listing for some great kids drama and arts camps across the country here and read on for more information about drama, theatre and arts camps all across Canada…

Drama Camp is Fun

Theatre or Drama Summer Camps for Children

“There are so many great reasons for kids to come to drama camp,” says Ellen Hitchcock, Drama School Coordinator at Toronto’s Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People. “Kids who are extremely outgoing are obviously in their element here, and there’s the other group that are quietly imaginative. They get a chance to discover their voices. It’s a very safe and encouraging environment.”

Kids Summer Camp Focuses on Teamwork and Friendship

The Toronto theatre company runs several one and two week-long summer camps for kids as young as 6-years old. Groups sizes are small here, with a ratio of about 3 kids per counsellor and, like any good camp, the focus is on teamwork, friendship building and group play.

What acting chops your kid picks up depends on her age. Younger kids work on listening and creative movement skills. Older kids really get focussed, studying on-camera presentation skills, vocal movement, solo work and interpretive text skills.

At Lorraine Kimsa Theatre Camp, Kids Use Professional Stages

An extra thrill for kids attending this well-established Toronto theatre is the chance to spend days learning and playing on a professional stage, and visiting in-house carpentry and prop shops.

Whatever the age and wherever the camp, the main prerequisite is desire.

“It’s really about the creative process, cooperation and open-mindedness,” says Hitchcock. “It’s about learning to appreciate everybody’s creative ideas, not just your own.”