Fairmount Park and Bowmore Field Closed Until December 2017

September 17th, 2017

Fairmount Park neighbours will be interested to know that the resodding undertaken at Fairmount Park in early September 2017 requires 12 weeks to settle before locals can begin using the park. The busy park is located at Upper Gerrard street adjacent to Bowmore Public School just east of Coxwell avenue.

Fairmount Park Community Centre sign with the centre in teh background

This means, the fences erected around the park adjacent to Bowmore School will be up until early December, according to the timeline shared by the admin at Bowmore Public School.

The outdoor landscaping project also involved removing an extraneous baseball diamond (it was located too close to an adjacent baseball diamond, so two games could never be played at the same time, which renders the second diamond meaningless) and replacing old fencing.

The field at Fairmount Park is popular with dog walkers, local families and baseball teams. Everyone is looking forward to playing on the new leveled field – which should be open in time to accommodate the free local outdoor skating rink, maintained by local families.