Telus Shares Great Videos About Online Safety for Kids

September 16th, 2017

A series of online safety videos for kids and teens shared by Telus starring the kids from Degrassi Next Generation are a helpful tool for parents trying to navigate a trickyy online world with their children.

The video series covers topics like cyber bullying, sexting and identity theft – and does so in depth, with more than one video on each topic.

Parents are encouraged to keep an open channel of communication with their kids, and to just simply pay attention. This is something police recommend too. A recent Toronto Star article about human trafficking (which is a terrible problem in the greater GTA than most parents may know) quoted police officers as saying that busy parents feel that teenagers are old enough to navigate relationships themselves – when in fact, a watchful eye and a closer monitoring of who your teens hang out with and talk to can help prevent them from getting entangled with dangerous people. It sounds simple and obvious, but if you’re a parent, you likely understand the tendency to back off from your teen’s social life. Police aren’t recommending hovering or helicoptering – but they do recommend knowing who your kids know and who they talk to. This simple act could keep them safe.