How to Hire a Fee for Service Lawyer without a Retainer in Toronto

January 26th, 2017

Unbundled services, A la carte services and Limited Scope reatainer are the three search terms you need to know if you are trying to hire a lawyer to help you with only certain parts of a legal matter, without a hefty retainer.

This is a common way of doing business in the US and is slowly, and I mean slowly, gaining popularity in Canada.

If you’re like me, you might have a need for these services, but don’t know what to search for. I searched for days and days trying to find help, using the best terms I could muster. I tried; Lawyers who work a la carte, fee for service lawyers and probably “No retainer lawyer”.

I’m here to tell you: the search terms are “unbundled legal services” and “limited scope retainer” and it means that you will be self-represented, but a lawyer will help you – for a pre-determined fee, usually payable up front – draft a letter, craft a defence, strategize for trial etc…You pick the service. You agree on a price. It’s revolutionary.

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