IKEA Announces $99 Flat Rate Delivery in Canada

February 18th, 2016

IKEA Canada announces $99 flat rate delivery for people living inside Zone 1. Simply place your order with an IKEA respresentative instore, jump the queue to pay, and your order will be delivered to you at a convenient time of your choosing.

Great for people who go to IKEA planning to buy a mirror and some towels and end up with a whole BILLY shelving unit and a new sectional sofa.

That would be me. Everytime.

Available at these IKEA stores:

IKEA Boucherville
IKEA Burlington
IKEA Calgary
IKEA Coquitlam
IKEA Edmonton
IKEA Etobicoke
IKEA Montreal
IKEA North York
IKEA Ottawa
IKEA Richmond
IKEA Vaughan
IKEA Winnipeg

We’re not sure what ‘Zone 1″ is, but it has an asterisk beside it, so there must be some fine print. Ask before you buy!