New Ontario Tax Credit for Kids Arts Programs

May 2nd, 2012

How did I miss this? Parents of artsy kids take note: there’s a new tax credit for Ontario parents which gives a refundable tax credit for the cost of kids arts and education programs – we’re talking piano, art class, tutoring, drama and all those other great arts programs you put your kid in. You can claim up to $509 in eligible expenses and get up to $50.90 back for each child under 16 for 2011. Great news for parents who were happy enough about the federal sports tax credit – but a bit miffed that arts programming was not equally supported.

The Ontario Government Lists these eligibility requirements for the Ontario Children’s Activity Tax Credit:

The Ontario tax credit covers activities that fall into two categories: fitness and non-fitness. Eligible activities must be supervised and suitable for children. The criteria for fitness activities is the same as for the federal Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.

Eligible non-fitness activities must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Instruction in music, dramatic arts, dance and visual arts.
  • Language instruction.
  • Activities with a substantial focus on wilderness and the natural environment.
  • Structured interaction among children where supervisors teach or help children develop interpersonal skills.
  • Enrichment or tutoring in academic subjects.

You’ll find more information on the Ontario Government Website: